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Maureen Choi Quartet: Latin Jazz Made In Spain @ BOP STOP

Much has been said of Maureen Choi’s mastery of the violin in recent years: “It is the new great voice of the jazz violin”; “She sings with her violin”; “She’s an incredible young talent”. Choi is a unique violinist who innately blends the virtuosity of classical music with improvisation and the sounds and rhythms of the Spanish diaspora.

Maureen is a classically-trained violinist with a passion for composition and improvisation. Since 1993 her award-winning performances and collaborations have spanned several continents and included several diverse musical influences, all of which have helped create her unique sound, firmly based in Latin Jazz.

She received her classical training from Michigan State University where she was introduced to jazz. In 2010 she won a scholarship to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, further solidifying her burgeoning passion for the language and technique of improvisation on the violin.

In addition to playing in venues around the world, Maureen is currently based in Madrid and teaches at the Berklee College of Music in Valencia as well as at the Escuela de la Música Creativa in Madrid. She is the composer and leader of her diverse quartet comprised of classically trained flamenco-jazz musicians.

Her first jazz album "Maureen Choi Quartet" (2011) was critically well received among US radio stations and in publications such as Jazziz Magazine and Jazz Corner, as well as remaining in AllAboutJazz Top 50 for several months.

Her second album “Ida y Vuelta” has been hailed as “One of the more original, interesting and surprising on the current scene” (Oscar Gómez, Latin Jazz Producer and five-time Grammy Award Winner), Maureen Choi Quartet offers a captivating live performance consisting of original compositions and arrangements of traditional Spanish and Latin American pieces providing “an intensely enriching experience from the moment they start playing. It starts delicate and finishes as a party” (RTVE, Spanish National Radio)

Maureen Choi Quartet is currently on tour presenting their latest album, Ida y Vuelta, through Europe, Asia and North America and their next projects include collaborating with the dancers of the Spanish National Ballet.

As George Fendel of JazzScene Magazine put it: “Look out! The next jazz violin virtuoso may be discovered in these grooves!”